Vegetable oil bottle filling machine purchase notes 1

We are buyers from Russia. Through the introduction of middlemen, we set the scope of the purchase of machines to several filling machine manufacturers in China.The equipment purchased this time included the quantitative filling of vegetable oil and the automatic packing of bottled vegetable oil. The entire production packaging process requires full implementation Activism Based on past purchasing experience, we initially learned online to obtain valuable product information, including required product images, and Frequency and technical specifications, after liaising with emails from several Chinese suppliers, we focused our recognition on Swift Machinery and Jinan Dongtai Machinery Manufacturing.

The company. Because we understand that they have their own brand, years of experience in filling machine production and service. So I enter our procurement process
The next step, the factory’s field trip. Determined that the next trip is in mid-April, we fly from Moscow to Beijing, and then take a high-speed rail from Beijing to Shandong Jinan. On April 15 we arrived at Dongtai Machinery Jinan Plant. The front desk is responsible for the reception of a beautiful girl, very warm. We visited the machine shop, assembly shop, and finished product showroom of their factory. Feeling more standard and professional. And detailed understanding of their filling vegetable oil filling machine features, is the use of single-head single-pump structure, the use of single-head single pump: Filling method uses more than one pump long, divided into six, divided into eight. Dividing a plurality of filling heads with a diverter can cause uneven flow distribution and can only rely on mechanical valves to control flow and flow rates. The explanation here is more detailed. We also pass the relevant documents to the headquarters of the Russian company.

They also showed great interest in this approach. Instruct us to do more communication with manufacturers. Next is the question of automatic packing of bottled cooking oil. Dongtai Machinery Co., Ltd. also established another factory in Jinan, which is specialized in packing back-end packaging. Due to the time, we first examine and summarize the filling machine factory.

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