Customer purchase selection

Lubricant customer requirements

Customer requirements: 0.9 1 3.5 4 liters
Customer output: 1100-1400 barrels/hour
Equipment details: automatic six filling machine + automatic four-head capping machine + automatic water-cooled aluminum foil sealing machine + automatic tape sealing machine + large character inkjet printer + finishing platform
Packing specifications:
0.9L 18 bottles of 43×37×23.5 3*6
4l 6 bottles 50×32.5×32.2 2*3
1l 12 bottles 37.5×28.5×23.5 3*4

Filling material: Peony seed oil
Customer output: 1,500 tons a year (1500 bottles per hour)
Filling specifications: 160ML, 260ML, 350ML
Recommended equipment: 6 head nitrogen filling machine + 6 head filling machine + automatic capping machine + labeling machine + inkjet printer
Customer Bottle

Yang Mingyu Huangqi Chicken Seasoning Factory
Material: Yellow Chicken Condiment
Production requirement: 40 packs/minute
Equipment Details: Fully Automatic Sauce for Bag Packing Machine (Double Station Filling) + Laser Pen Machining Machine

Program requirements
Guizhou Yanhu Food Co., Ltd.
Ingredients: Edible oil
Production requirements: 1100-1400 barrels/hour
Filling specification: 0.9L – 5L, 10L and 22L
Container: (as shown below)
Equipment Details: Fully Automatic 6 Oil Filling Machines + Light Inspection + Crawler Capping Machine + Drum Labeling Machine

Guangxi Evertex Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd.
Filling specification: 4L lubricant filling
Production requirement: 800 bottles/hour
Equipment Details: Automatic Four-head Lubricating Oil Filling Machine + Single Head Capping Machine + Automatic Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine + Videojet Inkjet Printer + Upper and Lower Tape Sealing Machine

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