Filling line specifications

1.1. Filling line characteristics:
The filling line equipment has the characteristics of stable, easy operation, high cost performance and high automation. Compared with the same kind of product, it has a longer service life, a complete set of ability, and a reasonable design of the whole line. Equipped with coordinated photoelectric and whole line interlocking devices, the whole line needs only 2-4 workers for operating. The technology used is the leading level in today’s industry. The whole line of filling equipment meets the needs of production, unmanned and integrated production.

1.2.Filling line specifications:
Filling nozzles: 8
Filling speed : 1500-1800 (barrels / hour) —4L
Filling capacity: 1-5L
Filling accuracy: ± ≤ 0.1% FS
Power Supply: 220/380V 3 phase +Earth Wire, 50 Hz
Number of workers: 2-3 people
Whole line consumption: about 100L\Min
The equipment noise: less than 50D

1.3.Filling line process flow:

Put the bottles on the belt Automatic filling machine Automatic capping machine Aluminum foil sealing machineAutomatic two side labeling machine Videojet printing machine

Equipment Overview
This machine is a flow meter filling machine, which controls the filling volume by using the principle of flow meters. The filling is controlled by a programmable controller PLC. When the filling valve is opened, the material flows into the container to be transported by itself.

The filling part of the machine realizes fast filling and slow filling through double cylinder. After the initial filling of the cylinder, the double cylinder is converted to the stroke 1 and quickly converted to the stroke 2 for quick filling. After filling to the fast filling set, the submergence cylinder rises to the barrel, and the double cylinder is converted to the stroke 1 to continue the slow filling until the overall filling amount is set.

It is made up of filling conveyor, main frame, clamping device, metering system, filling head, oil storage system, control system and so on. The filling quantity can be set up to 1L-5L, with zero point tracking, automatic correction function of drop, and two grade filling in oil injection to ensure the filling precision. The filling head has the patent of anti dripping and vacuum suction, to prevent leakage or spill oil. It is an ideal filling machine for lubricating oil, automobile maintenance products and fine chemical industry

The principle of the elliptic gear flowmeter is to measure the rotation of the elliptic gear by the pressure head of the measured medium. The greater the viscosity of the medium, the smaller the leakage from the gear and the space gap, the greater the viscosity of the medium, the smaller the leakage error and the more favorable for the measurement. The elliptical gear flowmeter has high accuracy and is suitable for the measurement of the flow rate in the medium with high viscosity, especially for the filling of different labels and different viscosity.
1. the advantage of flow meter way: The adjustment in dosage is convenience and quick, the volume only need to be set on the touch screen directly, considered that the vegetable oil is different in density in the different temperature, resulting in the volume setting different, we have added an automatic temperature-compensated system.

2. the accuracy of filling: instead of the traditional computing type of flow meter — through pulse generator, now promoted by our company, adopting rotary encoder is more accurate.

3.the speed of filling: instead of the traditional power delivery — pressure artesian flow, our machine adopting frequency converter to adjust the speed of filling, the efficiency highly raised. The speed can be arbitrarily adjusted on panel. the adjustment of filling accuracy, promoted by our company, the weight of filling can be set on the touch screen.

It will not affected by the season, In summer and winter the oil all can be fill easily, not restricted by the viscosity of oil products, such as gear oil can also be easily filled. The more viscous material is, the more obvious the advantage of flowmeter filling method is.

Customer purchase selection

Lubricant customer requirements

Customer requirements: 0.9 1 3.5 4 liters
Customer output: 1100-1400 barrels/hour
Equipment details: automatic six filling machine + automatic four-head capping machine + automatic water-cooled aluminum foil sealing machine + automatic tape sealing machine + large character inkjet printer + finishing platform
Packing specifications:
0.9L 18 bottles of 43×37×23.5 3*6
4l 6 bottles 50×32.5×32.2 2*3
1l 12 bottles 37.5×28.5×23.5 3*4

Filling material: Peony seed oil
Customer output: 1,500 tons a year (1500 bottles per hour)
Filling specifications: 160ML, 260ML, 350ML
Recommended equipment: 6 head nitrogen filling machine + 6 head filling machine + automatic capping machine + labeling machine + inkjet printer
Customer Bottle

Yang Mingyu Huangqi Chicken Seasoning Factory
Material: Yellow Chicken Condiment
Production requirement: 40 packs/minute
Equipment Details: Fully Automatic Sauce for Bag Packing Machine (Double Station Filling) + Laser Pen Machining Machine

Program requirements
Guizhou Yanhu Food Co., Ltd.
Ingredients: Edible oil
Production requirements: 1100-1400 barrels/hour
Filling specification: 0.9L – 5L, 10L and 22L
Container: (as shown below)
Equipment Details: Fully Automatic 6 Oil Filling Machines + Light Inspection + Crawler Capping Machine + Drum Labeling Machine

Guangxi Evertex Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd.
Filling specification: 4L lubricant filling
Production requirement: 800 bottles/hour
Equipment Details: Automatic Four-head Lubricating Oil Filling Machine + Single Head Capping Machine + Automatic Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine + Videojet Inkjet Printer + Upper and Lower Tape Sealing Machine

Vegetable oil bottle filling machine purchase notes 1

We are buyers from Russia. Through the introduction of middlemen, we set the scope of the purchase of machines to several filling machine manufacturers in China.The equipment purchased this time included the quantitative filling of vegetable oil and the automatic packing of bottled vegetable oil. The entire production packaging process requires full implementation Activism Based on past purchasing experience, we initially learned online to obtain valuable product information, including required product images, and Frequency and technical specifications, after liaising with emails from several Chinese suppliers, we focused our recognition on Swift Machinery and Jinan Dongtai Machinery Manufacturing.

The company. Because we understand that they have their own brand, years of experience in filling machine production and service. So I enter our procurement process
The next step, the factory’s field trip. Determined that the next trip is in mid-April, we fly from Moscow to Beijing, and then take a high-speed rail from Beijing to Shandong Jinan. On April 15 we arrived at Dongtai Machinery Jinan Plant. The front desk is responsible for the reception of a beautiful girl, very warm. We visited the machine shop, assembly shop, and finished product showroom of their factory. Feeling more standard and professional. And detailed understanding of their filling vegetable oil filling machine features, is the use of single-head single-pump structure, the use of single-head single pump: Filling method uses more than one pump long, divided into six, divided into eight. Dividing a plurality of filling heads with a diverter can cause uneven flow distribution and can only rely on mechanical valves to control flow and flow rates. The explanation here is more detailed. We also pass the relevant documents to the headquarters of the Russian company.

They also showed great interest in this approach. Instruct us to do more communication with manufacturers. Next is the question of automatic packing of bottled cooking oil. Dongtai Machinery Co., Ltd. also established another factory in Jinan, which is specialized in packing back-end packaging. Due to the time, we first examine and summarize the filling machine factory.

The relationship between innovative thinking and filling machine design

Innovative thinking has been widely used in various fields, especially the Internet+ era. However, in the traditional machinery manufacturing industry, there are still no more people to think about these problems, but it turns out that this innovative thinking has been widely recognized!
The combination of innovative thinking and traditional machinery manufacturing is a kind of thinking activity with pioneering significance. It is the thinking activity that opens up new areas for human understanding and creates new achievements in human understanding. It often manifests itself as inventing new technologies, forming new ideas, and proposing new solutions. And making decisions, creating new theories. For leadership activities, its performance is at a crossroads in social development, making major choices for professional managers. This is a narrow understanding. Broadly speaking, the combination of innovative thinking and traditional machinery manufacturing not only represents a complete new discovery and thought process of new inventions, but also manifests in the methods and techniques of thinking, in some local conclusions and insights. There are novelty unique thinking activities. The combination of innovative thinking and traditional machinery manufacturing is widely found in political and military decision-making and production, education, arts and scientific research activities. For example, in the leadership work practice, a professional manager with a combination of innovative thinking and traditional machinery manufacturing can think about what others have not thought of, see what others have not seen, do what others have not done, dare to break through the original framework, or from The intersection of multiple existing norms begins, or reverse thinking problems, so as to achieve creative, breakthrough achievements.

The result of the combination of innovative thinking and traditional machinery manufacturing is the realization that knowledge is the proliferation of information, or it is based on new knowledge (such as viewpoints, theory, and discovery) to increase the accumulation of knowledge, thus increasing the quantity of knowledge, that is, information volume. Or it is a breakthrough in the method, new decomposition and combination of existing knowledge, the realization of the new function of knowledge, that is, information, thereby achieving the knowledge, that is, the increase in the amount of information structure. Therefore, from the perspective of information activities, the combination of innovative thinking and traditional machinery manufacturing is a kind of thinking activity that realizes knowledge, that is, the proliferation of information.

In short, the combination of innovative thinking and traditional machinery manufacturing requires hard mental labor. The achievement of a combination of innovative thinking and traditional machinery manufacturing often requires long-term exploration, painstaking research, and even multiple setbacks. The combination of innovative thinking and traditional machinery manufacturing also requires long-term development. The accumulation of knowledge, intelligent training, and tempered quality can only be achieved. The combination of innovative thinking and traditional machinery manufacturing is also inseparable from reasoning, imagination, association, intuition and other thinking activities. Therefore, from the perspective of the main activity, innovative thinking The combination with the traditional machinery manufacturing industry is also a kind of thinking activity that requires people, including organizers and professional managers to pay a higher price and use superb ability. The integration of a machine’s innovative thinking and machinery is basically determined by the combination of design and innovative thinking and machinery. The role of the manufacturing process in the integration of the machine’s innovative thinking and machinery is essentially the realization of the integration of innovative thinking and machinery as defined in the design. Therefore, the design phase of the machine is the key to determining the quality of the machine. The design process discussed only refers to a narrow technical design process. It is a creative work process. It is also a work that uses as many successful experiences as possible. It is necessary to combine inheritance with innovation in order to design a machine that combines high innovative thinking and machinery. As a complete machine, it is a complex system. To improve the integration of design and innovative thinking and machinery, there must be a scientific design process. These practical applications are the multi-head multi-pump technology of filling machinery and edible oil filling machines, which is the ingenious combination of innovative thinking and mechanical design.