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Filling line specifications

1.1. Filling line characteristics: The filling line equipment has the characteristics of stable, easy operation, high cost performance and high automation. Compared with the same kind of product, it has a longer service life, a complete set of ability, and a reasonable design of the whole line. Equipped with coordinated photoelectric and whole line interlocking […]

Customer purchase selection

Lubricant customer requirements Customer requirements: 0.9 1 3.5 4 liters Customer output: 1100-1400 barrels/hour Equipment details: automatic six filling machine + automatic four-head capping machine + automatic water-cooled aluminum foil sealing machine + automatic tape sealing machine + large character inkjet printer + finishing platform Packing specifications: 0.9L 18 bottles of 43×37×23.5 3*6 4l 6 […]

Vegetable oil bottle filling machine purchase notes 1

We are buyers from Russia. Through the introduction of middlemen, we set the scope of the purchase of machines to several filling machine manufacturers in China.The equipment purchased this time included the quantitative filling of vegetable oil and the automatic packing of bottled vegetable oil. The entire production packaging process requires full implementation Activism Based […]

The relationship between innovative thinking and filling machine design

Innovative thinking has been widely used in various fields, especially the Internet+ era. However, in the traditional machinery manufacturing industry, there are still no more people to think about these problems, but it turns out that this innovative thinking has been widely recognized! The combination of innovative thinking and traditional machinery manufacturing is a kind […]